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I found my love on BharatMatrimony, says Vasantha

The Maldivian couple, Kiran and Vasantha, talk about their journey to marriage.

Best qualities

When you fall in love with someone, there are many things that attract you to the person, especially their qualities. "I have found my soul mate in Kiran, whose qualities of understanding, patience, maturity and the love he showers on me made me fall for him. Above all, he cares for me like none other in the world. From the very beginning, I somehow got the feeling that he would be the perfect life partner for me, and yes now I

can say that I am happy about my decision,” gushes Vasantha.

Kiran adds, “The best two qualities of Vasantha would be that she is very adjusting, which I try to learn from her, and a caring person, and that’s what I appreciate most about her.”

The birthday gift

“It will be one of the memorable days of my life.” Vasantha continues, “He came at midnight to surprise me with an iPhone, something I have been wanting to buy since very long. Not only this, he also bought a diamond ring for me. First of all, I was completely speechless as I didn’t expect him to even come at that time. Added to that, his gifts were so amazing and a complete surprise for me. I must say, that is one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me. His caring nature, which I saw that day not only increased my love on him, but also assured me that he is the right one for me.” Romantic isn’t it?

Kiran humbly replies, “I simply wanted to see a smile on her face and I could do anything for that. So, I started planning for it since long. You have no idea how difficult it was to keep the surprise to myself. I was really glad that I could make her happy on her birthday.”

Lovely moments

During weekdays, in the little time that we get together, we usually do some chit chats or watch movies. We mainly try to make most of our weekends by watching any new movies in the theatre or go for a long drive. We both love to travel to different places and keep looking for new places to explore whenever possible. That’s how we spend quality time and lovely moments with each other,” says the pretty Vasantha.

“I like to explore places in Maldives and doing it with her makes it all the more fun and memorable,” replies Kiran.

How marriage changed their lives

“It is after marriage that I feel more confident than before as I know I have somehow who is there to support me no matter what. Life has become happier with my loved one,” says Vasantha.

“A major portion of your life is spent with a partner and spending time with them makes it more memorable and happy. This is something you can understand only by getting married,” replies Kiran.

The couple seems to be enjoying their life a lot with each other.

Wishing them a merrier life ahead!

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