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Prakash's Detailed Profile on KannadaMatrimony Caught My Attention

“One long drive changed my life,” says Sathyaprakash. “Every evening we would go for a long drive and just spend time together. Sipping on our coffee and never ending conversations, we fell in love.” Read on..

Do you think love is important before or after marriage? “Love after marriage is important.” Why? “You share your entire life with that one special person so I think love is something that binds people together. Finding love, getting engaged and married are amazing milestones in life. Each step is filled with excitement, good times and of course, memories of falling in love.

Love after marriage is beautiful in its own way,” says Sathyaprakash.

Is there any particular ritual you follow every day? The beautiful lady Hemalatha in her cute voice says, “We make sure to have our evening coffee and dinner together every day.

That’s the time when we sit down and share everything that happened in the day. It’s just two of us and it feels so good. Every day I wait for him to come back from office and that’s like our happy ritual together.” How cute!

If you get a chance to relive one particular day, which one will it be? “The day when I got to know about my pregnancy is the day I want to relive again,” says Hemalatha. How was that feeling? How did you tell it to your husband? “That feeling is out of the world. I was in happy tears. The joy of becoming a mother brings in a lot of responsibility and happiness. When I told Sathyaprakash about it, he went all crazy. Every day he took care of me so well. He used to handle all my mood swings and cravings. He has done so much for me during those days. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with an amazing husband,” says Hemalatha. Sathyaprakash jumps into the conversation and says, “Holding my child for the first time was such an overwhelming moment. I was on top of the world. That moment is something I cannot express in words.” Aww how cute!

So how did it all start? The excited Hema says, “It all started through KannadaMatrimony when I saw Sathyaprakash’s profile. Every little detail impressed me a lot. His description was up to the point and he did not boost about himself that was something I liked. Without giving it a second thought I sent him an interest.” On asking about their first meet, Hema gets all excited and says, “We decided to meet at a cafe. He is straightforward and honest. Our wavelength matched a lot and there was no looking back from then. We dated for almost a year and our weekends were mostly long drives and a lot of conversations. That’s how we connected. After a year we got engaged and after 6 months we were happily married.” That’s so cute!

Being married for almost a year now, what is the one advice you want to give people who are looking for a partner on BharatMatrimony? “Go through profiles and when you find someone who is similar to you, meet and get to know them first. When you feel they are the perfect match for you then make a decision. Marriage is not about two people but it is about two families.”

Wishing Them a Lifetime of Joy And Happiness!

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