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The Letter That Changed Blessi's Life

Blessi had decided to not take it ahead with Lesly as she felt that they are not the right match, but then what made her give it another chance? Let’s find out…

When she begins the conversation with this, I got curious to know how it worked out to which Blessi starts, “I didn’t really have huge expectations for a life partner, but all I wanted was for us to be compatible with each other. When I started speaking to Lesly, I found him to be sensible and mature but soon realized that we are very different people and our interests do not match.

Even though I had a liking for him, I felt that it would be tough for us to be together. So, I decided to not take this further. However, he did not give up. He wrote a one page message about his feelings for me and he also mentioned that despite being opposites we definitely can work it out. When I saw this message I was really impressed with his efforts and felt that we could give it another chance.” It was his persuasion that made her realise that he is the one.

I then ask Blessi as to how they manage their differences despite being opposites, to which she laughs for a moment and says, “Relationships are all about adjustments. For instance, I like to roam around the city but he prefers being in home, he is more religious whereas I take a neutral stand, & so on but we always try to find a middle ground.”

When I ask the couple to share some beautiful moments from their first meet, Blessi says, “I met him for the first time a few days before our engagement. We both did not utter a single word for a while and we were simply looking at each other. Tears rolled down my cheeks out of joy as I was so happy to meet him and got a bit emotional. He initiated the conversation and comforted me.” She also spoke about the things she adores about Lesly, “He pays attention to little things. Sometimes I wonder how he remembers everything about me. Before marriage I used to take care of myself. Now, he pampers me all the time.”

The lovely couple went to Malaysia and Bali for ten days to enjoy their honeymoon. Recalling her trip Blessi says, “We spent two days in Malaysia and eight days in Bali. We were really excited about this trip and it definitely were the best days of my life. We really got to spend a lot of time with each other. We did a lot of fun activities together like diving, cycling, surfing and more. We also went on a romantic dinner for a couple of days. This trip made our bond stronger.”

Coming to the end of the conversation, I ask Blessi to give her definition of marriage and she says, “Marriage is a sacred bond which amplifies our happiness. Even when a person is going through the worst time, it gives the courage to face it as you know you have someone by your side at all times.”

Wishing this lovely pair a lifetime of adventure and happiness!

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