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Wanted Someone Who Loves Joint Family, Found Mahalakshmi on KannadaMatrimony

What is a human without expectations? Every living soul has expectations, some known and some unknown too. But when arises the topic of marriage, everyone has certain things they want in their life partner. So did Shreevathsa. He grew up in a family of eight members and his family means the world to him. He was in search of a partner who has her own individuality but also agrees to adjust with his family.

Mahalakshmi is an independent working woman who swears by her principles but she was hesitant about marriage.

Then she came across Shreevathsa’s profile on KannadaMatrimony. “He had described himself in simple words and somehow his profile was very intriguing,” claimed Mahalakshmi. She felt it was so interesting that she was in fact excited to meet this person.

Shreevathsa was a complete stranger when he walked into her house and Mahalakshmi’s reaction on seeing him was quite amusing. “I burst out laughing when I saw him for the first time, not out loud in front of everyone but definitely in my head.” Mahalakshmi stated. But he was pleased that she appreciated him living in a joint family because Shreevathsa said, “I discovered that Mahalakshmi also once lived in a joint family.”

But where’s the fun if a love story doesn’t brew along with a hot steaming cup of coffee, right? So Mahalakshmi and Shreevathsa’s love story began in a coffee shop because this is where all her hesitance was blown. What started as a mere conversation went on to become ardent love. “It was so comforting to talk to him that I instantly started liking him,” she claimed."

Another member has been added to Shreevathsa’s family now and both are only happy that it has happened, especially Mahalakshmi. Her mother in-law loves and supports her so much that she feels extremely comfortable at home. Recalling her mother’s statement, she said, “My mother used to tell me that I will be pampered so much by my in-laws and that’s actually happening.” Mahalakshmi has come to know that she is lucky to have found a family like Shreevathsa’s and that every member is extremely supportive. “My mother in-law even packs lunch for me,” she stated.

Shreevathsa however, always ensured that Mahalakshmi felt comfortable from the day she entered his house. He believed, “I knew that she had to settle and I made sure that I could help her in the process and stand by her side whenever she needed me.”

A couple, who works out together, stays together and that’s what they do when they get time for themselves. “We usually get the weekends to ourselves and we hit the gym together,” said Shreevathsa.

“If a girl can handle the eight members of my family, she definitely can handle me, and my wife is a pro in that!”

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