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When it Comes to Love, Distance doesn't matter

Distance can never keep two people away when they are destined to meet. It is very interesting to know how two people fall in love with each other despite being separated by distance. When there is true understanding and bonding, nothing can come in the way of true love. Here’s the story of Daneshwari and Shrikanth, who reinstate the true meaning of love. Let’s hear it from them

Daneshwari, a free spirited woman, shares with me about all her exciting moments with Shrikanth. First of all, I was eager to know how the two even met. Daneshwari starts the conversation,

“I was self registered on BharatMatrimony & within a month I got in touch with Shrikanth. We exchanged numbers and soon started with some formal phone conversations which soon became endless to a point that we had to force ourselves to cut the call everyday. We developed a very good bond with each other and realized that we had a strong liking too. I still remember the first time we met. Even though he works abroad, during that time he was in India. We were very comfortable with each other in our first meet itself but that’s when he told me that he was leaving abroad the very next day. I was really happy to meet him but was so upset when I got to know that he had to leave the next day. But we both were sure about each other and so got our parents involved to finalize everything.”

So I had the very obvious question, how did you keep in touch when he was so far away? She instantly replies, “Phone conversations was the only way. We continued with our endless conversations. Even though we spoke so much I used to literally wait for his call everyday. I had some what become emotionally dependent on him and I liked it. We used to tell each other how our day was. There was so much we had to talk about always. It is really a great feeling to be in love and to be able to share everything with someone.”

I then ask Daneshwari if her husband has given her a surprise and if yes, which is the best one. To this, she recalls a day from their courtship and with a big smile starts speaking about it,“I stay in Bangalore and one fine day I was just heading to work and I got a call from Shrikanth asking where I am. The moment I reached my workplace I suddenly find Shrikanth walking towards me. I had a stop for a moment to accept the fact that it was actually him who was walking towards me and had come down to give me a surprise. I was really taken aback by what he had done for me. I was so happy and excited that he had come all the way to surprise me. That is definitely the best thing he has done for me.”

She continues her conversation, “I was so happy that I was marrying the man I love. The man of my dreams. But the only thing I was sad about is that a few days after our wedding, Shrikanth had to go back to work abroad, which means that we had to separate again till I get a chance to go and be with him. This was really upsetting for me as we had already been away from each other and after the wedding too we had to stay in separate countries. I was just waiting for the day to go and stay with him.”

Isn’t this just true love?

Wishing them a wonderful year ahead!

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